Free Download Application

Download the application in the Store now Play more efficient Quota – Google Play currently growing very rapidly. Google says users who have Android apps install reached 65 billion apps in the past year. The developer is also increasingly often update their applications either to renew the content and features, patch the security patches or bug fixes.

With its frequent updates then the user must also often renew their applications. However, many Android users that are sensitive with data packet they have. Moreover, they must frequently update the application. Sometimes users are lazy to update their application because the amount of data that is indicated in the Store looks great and Play just the same as installing a new application. When to update the Play Store that is not actual size. When the update of course size to download smaller.


The response to Google just renew Play Store size information in order to update the actual look and actually. For example like the following screenshot, you can see the difference in the size of the application data the first time install with the size of the update.